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The PM2.5 air quality forecast for Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh right now is 20 µg/m3. That's clean air. Did you know that only 8% of people on earth have access to clean air?

Air pollution in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

The air quality in Kinnaur right now is good. The air pollution poses little or no risk.

PM2.5 Air Quality Forecast


20.4 ug/m3


16.9 ug/m3


14.9 ug/m3


14.2 ug/m3


13.6 ug/m3


12.1 ug/m3


10.0 ug/m3


8.4 ug/m3


8.0 ug/m3


7.9 ug/m3


7.6 ug/m3


6.8 ug/m3


6.4 ug/m3


6.4 ug/m3


6.7 ug/m3


7.0 ug/m3


7.1 ug/m3


7.2 ug/m3


7.5 ug/m3


7.8 ug/m3


8.0 ug/m3


8.3 ug/m3


8.7 ug/m3


9.1 ug/m3

“Air pollution damages every organ and virtually every cell in the human body."


Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you wanted to know about air pollution in Kinnaur.

Is it safe to breathe in Kinnaur right now?

The WHO's clean air guileline for PM2.5 is 25µg/m3. Currently in Kinnaur, the forecast says it is 20 µg/m3. So yes, it is safe to breathe in Kinnaur.

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You're likely at high risk to experience adverse health effects due to air pollution. You should try to identify the sources of air pollution around you and try to reduce your exposure to it. It is not usually possible to eliminate air pollution, but proactive measures can help. In the meantime, you can wear a face mask, use an air purifier or get an air quality monitor to track your personal exposure to air pollution. Please consult your physician.

What is the data source for these air quality forecasts?

All the air quality forecasts on AirPollution.io come from Urban Emissions, India's leading source of information, research and analysis about air pollution. It is led by Dr. Sarath Guttikunda.

How polluted are other cities in Himachal Pradesh?

Air pollution varies from city to city and even from one neighborhood to another within a city. You can review the air quality forecasts for Himachal Pradesh or it's cities like Kangra, Mandi, Shimla, Solan or  Sirmaur anytime.

What city has the worst air pollution in India?

It is tempting to ask this question, but let's first recognize that air pollution is a problem that affects the vast majority of India. Currently Indians across districts are breathing air that does not meet WHO's clean air guidelines. But to answer your question, the residents of Faridkot district in Punjab are breathing the worst air pollution in India right now with µg/m3 of PM2.5 pollution.

I don't have money to buy an expensive face mask and air purifier. What can I do?

I am glad you asked. Many face masks and air purifiers available in the market are quite expensive, but not all of them. A company called Smart Air Filters sells affordable air purifiers and face masks. This is not an ad.

“As a chest surgeon who has been operating on lungs since 1988, I am pained to say that it is time to call India’s deadly pollution crisis a public health emergency. Over the years, I have witnessed a change in the color of patients’ lungs from pink to black.”

Dr. Arvind Kumar

“There are no safe air pollution limits, and so there can be no moderations. We need to take drastic actions.”

The Ella Roberta Family Foundation

Where are India's
most polluted districts?

The health effects of air pollution are staggering. According to a story in The Guardian, air pollution may damage every organ and virtually every cell in the human body. Yes, air pollution increases the risk of heart attacks, lung cancer, asthma and COPD, but it is also known to exacerbate depression and also increase violent crime in a city.

Faridkot, Punjab

PM2.5 forecast is 303.4 µg/m3

Moga, Punjab

PM2.5 forecast is 247.8 µg/m3

Bathinda, Punjab

PM2.5 forecast is 225.6 µg/m3

Barnala, Punjab

PM2.5 forecast is 221.2 µg/m3

Firozpur, Punjab

PM2.5 forecast is 220.2 µg/m3

Mohali, Punjab

PM2.5 forecast is 213.8 µg/m3

Central Delhi, Delhi

PM2.5 forecast is 208.4 µg/m3

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